Monday, 29 May 2017

Canary Day!

Don't forget to wear your Canary Day costumes on Monday 29th May!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Homework 18th May 2017

Our spellings for Thursday 25th May will be near homophones.
There will be a word search in your child's spelling book which include these words to complete.

Mental maths questions on 18th May were:
8:15 10 minutes earlier= 8:05
10:30 20 minutes earlier= 10:10
3:50 15 minutes earlier= 3:35
6:40 20 minutes earlier= 6:20
12:00 30 minutes earlier= 11.30
6:45 5 minutes earlier= 6:40
9:50 25 minutes earlier= 9:25
3:15 20 minutes earlier= 2:55
5:25 10 minutes earlier= 515
10:55 20 minutes earlier= 10:35

Next week our mental maths will continue on time and will be time worded problems.
For example: I get up at 7am and I need to be at school half an hour later, what time do I need to be at school? So keep practising telling the time at home, in the car etc!
Our maths homework is a sheet and is linked to the maths we are working on during the week. This should be completed and handed in on Monday 29th May.

TEFL: We are focusing on the past tense. Write five sentences using the past tense correctly. For example: At the weekend I went to the beach and swam in the sea, I saw some fish! Complete and hand in on Thursday 1st June.


Tomorrow Friday 19th May, we will be meeting with our teams to have some fun activities. Therefore if your child could wear something that is their team colour, that would be great, thank-you!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Homework for 15th May 2017

Our spelling rule for Thursday 18th May is about homophones. Homophones are words which sound the same but they have different meanings and are spelt differently.

Our spelling words for 18th May will be:
The children have a word-search to complete for homework.

Our mental maths questions on 11th May were:
I showed the time on the clock and they had to work out a certain amount of minutes later:
6:30 10 minutes later was 6:40
8:25 20 minutes later was 8:45
2:55 15 minutes later was 3:10
4:15 5 minutes later was 4:20
7:45 20 minutes later was 8:05
8:20 20 minutes later was 8:40
4:35 10 minutes later was 4:45
9:55 10 minutes later was 10:05
12:20 25 minutes later was 12:45
11:15 15 minutes later was 11:30

Next week in our mental maths we will continue with telling the time but this week we will be concentrating on minutes earlier (before the time shown) SO keep practising telling the time at home.
There will be a maths sheet linked to the work we will be covering in class, this should be handed in on Monday 22nd May.

Our TEFL homework is to write five sentences using the prepositions which we have been practising and have recorded in our orange TEFL book. These should be completed and handed in on Thursday 18th May.

Certificates 5th May

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Don't forget!!!

Hats and water!!! Only three more hats and the WHOLE class will have a hat so we'll get extra play!!!