Thursday, 16 March 2017


*****DON'T FORGET****

We will be performing in our show Ella Enchanted on Thursday 30th March and Friday 31st March. Please make sure your child has brought their costume into school by Friday 24th March, as we need a class photo in costume for the show. Many thanks from Miss Julie

Fire Station Visit

****DON'T FORGET****

We are visiting the Fire Station tomorrow Friday 17th March. The children should wear their school uniform and bring their school bag and snacks as usual, as we will eat our snacks before we leave and we'll be having lessons as normal in the afternoon, thank-you.

Homework for week 20th March

Our spellings for Thursday 23rd March will be:
Please encourage your child to write five, super sentences which include some of their spelling words.
Our mental maths questions on Thursday 16th March were:
24 divided by 8
30 divided by 3
48 divided by 4
26 divided by 2
96 divided by 8
65 divided by 5
40 divided by 8
25 divided by 5
27 divided by 3
9 divided by 3
40 divided by 5
56 divided by 8
100 divided by 10
45 divided by 5
16 divided by 4
32 divided by 4
32 divided by 8
6 divided by 3
6 divided by 2
72 divided by 8
Our mental maths test next week will be adding a ten or 100 to a given 3 digit number e.g. 426 add 20, 532 add 200 etc. There will be a maths sheet linked to our class work, this should be completed and handed in on Monday 27th March, thank-you.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Last Day!

On Friday 31st March it will be our last day, we will be doing our dance again for the P3. P4 and P5 parents but we can wear our own clothes on the last day. We can also bring in toys from home to play with and some party food too to share with our friends.


We are busy rehearsing our dance for our show Ella Enchanted, you are welcome to come and watch our show in the Chaucer Theatre on Thursday 30th March at 11am, we look forward to seeing you and we hope you enjoy the show. Please feel free to come to the classroom after the show so that you can take some photographs of the class. Best regards from Miss Julie x x x

Homework for 13th March 2017.

Our spelling rule for Thursday 16th March will be: Adding the suffix less to words, meaning without.
Please encourage your child to write five sentences using their spelling words.

Our mental maths questions on Thursday 9th March were:
6 x 4
9 x 8
3 x 2
8 x 4
4 x 4
9 x 5
10 x 10
7 x 8
5 x 8
9 x 4
3 x 3
5 x 5
8 x 5
12 x 5
12 x 8
11 x 2
11 x 4
10 x 3
8 x 3
3 x 8
Next week our mental maths will be using our times tables to work out division questions,
e.g. 24 divided 4=? We will have a maths sheet which needs to completed and handed in on Monday 20th March.

Our TEFL homework is to write five questions in the past tense about a person and write the answers. Example: What does she look like?
She is tall with long, blond hair. This will be due to be handed in on Thursday 23rd March.


Miss Lindsay has asked all teachers to remind all parents who drop their children off in the car in the morning to drop them off outside the main gate to ensure the children's safety. PLEASE DO NOT drop children off by the car/bus entrance as buses and cars are using this entrance frequently in the morning, this is for your child's safety! Thank-you for your understanding in this matter.